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Google Translate Desktop 2.1.58

Google Translate Desktop 2.1.58: Google Translate Desktop is a free portable desktop translate application. google translate. It can quickly translate almost any text between 58 languages, and pronounce for 34 languages of them. The new Google Translate Desktop V2.1 enables to translate website on the browser side. It monitors the clipboard and automatically translate the content on clipboard to the target text. Also you can import text for a translation and export the results to a txt file by Google Translate Desktop. Google Translate Desktop can help

Dicter 3.05: Google translate client - CTRL+ALT any text translation from / into 42 languages
Dicter 3.05

Dicter - Google translate client - One click translation from / into 42 languages. Just select the text and press Ctrl + Alt key combination to get translation in a popup window. Language autodetection, 1 Mb installation package and great translation from the best translation service - Google Translate.

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GooglR Translate Desktop 2.1.58: GooglR Translate Desktop is widely used on document writings and communications.
GooglR Translate Desktop 2.1.58

google translate is sometimes not so easy to handle, GooglR Translate Desktop evolves it to a desktop tool, and make it more powerful. GooglR Translate Desktop monitors the clipboard, once you have copied some content from an article or website, those content will automatically translate into the target language your have chosen. GooglR Translate Desktop automatically detects the input language. You don`t need to identify what language the text really

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SefTranslate basic 1.0: Sef Translate component permit translate yours Joomla site content
SefTranslate basic 1.0

Translate component permit translate yours Joomla site content to all language what Google Translate support. This component for SEO and SEF, it permit extend yours site content in some times. More languages - more big yours site That component work only together with SefTranslate module. This component permit do content translate with help AJax or with help Redirect. For main menu component permit build site map Features SefTranslate Free: - Translations

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Pocket Translator 1.0

Pocket Translator is a small piece of software for your smartphone or PDA which allows you to translate words or texts from/to different languages using Google Translate online service.

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Linguarde 2.8: Translate to and from 50 languages any text on a webpage and other applications.
Linguarde 2.8

Google Translator service. Google Translate is one of the most popular computer-aided translation services, however, using an online translator for text translation is inconvenient: you have to launch the browser, open the website, copy and paste the text, select the language... Too time-consuming! Now you can translate web-pages, electronic mail and other documents without opening online-translation sites and buying expensive bulky programs. This

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ShaPlus Google Translator 2.0: Instantly translate text in any application using Google Translate
ShaPlus Google Translator 2.0

translate text in any application using Google Translate. Translation is displayed in a pop-up window, so no need to leave the current application. Supports 41 world languages. Can also be integrated into context menu of Interner Explorer. Parts of translated text can be be further translated within ShaPlus Google Translator itself. Supported languages : Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian

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